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  • Spirit of Manipulation

    Ni hao: Hello in Chinese! Today, I would like to expose the spirit of manipulation to those who haven’t heard of it. It would take me a long time to go over how this spirit can be manifested in the homes, churches, work, etc. This video (I don’t own any rights to it) goes in […]

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  • Today Is A New Day

      Bonjour! I have been listening to this song all week long and wanted to share it with you.  The reality is that we all go through things in life.  However there is a difference for those who put their trust in Jesus alone.  For those who have confidence not in themselves but in God […]

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  • Because He Lives…

      Good morning everyone!   I apologize for taking so long to write a post. As I mentioned before that my family is very important to me and I have been having some family issues lately. One of them that I can share with you is my mother’s sickness. She has been hospitalized for almost […]

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  • My Life Is A Testimony…

    Buenos Dias! I’m rejoicing today because this is my birthday month. I’m happy for the good and bad things that happened in my life. All I know, if God was not on my side, I would not be the person that I’m today. The devil’s plan for my life was to destroy it through accidents, […]

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  • Enjoying The Holidays

    Bonjour Everyone,   It has been quite a while since I’ve written an article. life has been very challenging. I finished my classes and now I’m enjoying the Winter break. While I’m having fun and relaxing with the family, I thought that I should stop by and just say hello.   I hope everyone is […]

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